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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Oh boy, I have a feeling these teenage years are going to be a wild ride!Tristen is already getting into the brooding, cranky, general moodiness that seems to accompany the teen years. One minute he wants us to treat him more like an adult, the next minute he says we expect to much of him. He's happy one minute, in tears the next. You never know what will cause a door to slam or, my personal favorite, an "I hate you!" to be shouted. Add to all this teenage hormonal angst the fact that he is severely ADD and it makes for a very tumultuous home at times.

Today he thinks we are all out to get him. DH and I are purely evil because we expect him to finish a job that he promised would be finished over a month ago. He wanted $25 for a school book fair, but we told him he had to earn it. This was met with a ton of promises that it would be finished over that weekend. Fast forward to now and guess what? It's still not done. And he just flat doesn't want to do it. So, in and out of the house he goes. He's gotten mad and punched something, torn down the curtain that is our bedroom door, and is in general behaving horribly. He is to the age that disciplining him is becoming quite a challenge. It really worries me at times.

Why can't children realize that we are not here to make them miserable? I just want to teach him responsibility. Isn't it every parent's ultimate goal to raise their kids to be responsible, productive adults? That's all I want. Last night we tried to tell him that we truly do not ask that much of him. DH asked him to imagine what it would be like to live on his own and have to work for money like DH does, and cook, clean, do his own laundry, all the shopping, and everything that we as a family do together...but doing it all on his own. I think it made his constant "I can't wait until I move out!" sound not quite as appealing. At the very least, it sure made him think about how bad he has it here at home. Or it least I thought so at the time.

But here we are today, full of the poor, pitiful me act again. Mom who have already been here, does it get better? Please tell me it does! All I can do is try to be the best mom I can be, pray a lot, and love him unconditionally.