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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let It Be

My life seems to be all about change these days. My children are changing from kids to tweens, and next month a teen. Dan is wanting to change jobs. The house is ever changing, as we try to renovate and improve. The weather is changing from warm to chilly. The friendships in my life are changing as the people around me change. I guess change is part of life.

I am trying to embrace these changes. It's great my kids are growing into healthy, happy, well adjusted little people. A change in Dan's job situation would be excellent and I think take away some of the stress in the house. Getting things done with the house is great as well, I just would love to see one completed project. The weather change is a blessing, bringing in the holidays and hopefully ushering out the mosquitoes. As for the friendships in my life, the evolve as people grow and change.

I just seem to be very out of sorts lately. I guess I am changing, drifting. I suppose that is simply life. All I can do is let it be.

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