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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rockin' With the Rythm of the Rain

How we needed the rain that has been steadily coming down for the past two days! The kids have been whining about it because with it cane a pretty good drop in temperature, but I'll take rain any way we can get it! It has been so dry here for what seems like months. i honestly do not remember when it rained last. The drought like conditions and wind have made the fire danger a real problem. Although it probably won't stay wet for long, the rain will at least give the land a nice refreshing drink. I am just happy to see water for the garden coming from the heavens rather than our garden hose. So, we'll bundle up and deal with the cold, knowing that the rain accompanying it is a real blessing.

Next week it will probably be bone dry and in the 80s again. Gotta love this Texas weather!

BTW, our first bluebonnets are out in the yard! It seems Spring is on it's way! I'm so excited!