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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Playboys of the Southwestern World

Do y'all know this little ditty by Blake Shelton? If not, it's on MyPod in my sidebar, give it a listen. I promise it was written for DH and his best friend Cowboy. I can sooo see them pulling a stunt like the one the song describes! They were kids together, grew up just a few houses apart. I guess they've been friends over 20 years now. I sometimes think that when they are together, they are still little boys.

Anyway, Cowboy lived in Arizona awhile and when he moved back to Texas, well he brought out DH's inner wild child. To be 100% honest about it, there was a time that I had a "him or me" mentality about him, as I was sure he was driving our marriage straight to ruin. In my mind a self committed bachelor had no business dragging very married DH along bar hopping and chasing gals. But, that's just exactly what he did. Neither man could understand why it angered me so, after all they were just having fun. Did you notice the key word in that sentence was man? Well, I finally got my point across the night he brought home a woman from a my couch...with my kids there...on a school night! I cannot even put into words what I was feeling or describe the all out scene that ensued. Let's just say it wasn't pretty! He didn't come around much after that, then he moved to way down south Texas and we've not seen him for a year.

Sorry about that, it was not supposed to be a rant. It was just meant to illustrate how Cowboy can talk DH into anything and convince him that I won't be mad at him. Be it staying at a bar until closing time when they told me they'd be home buy 7 or bringing wild women home to bop on my couch. Cowboy can make anything sound like a good idea and can generally smooth talk his way out of any tight spot. DH had not been in a bar before and has not crossed the threshold of one since..see what I mean?

At this point you are probably wondering why I did not seriously injure this man and forbid him to step foot in our house again. My first reason is he IS DH's oldest and dearest friend, they love each other like family. DH would not tolerate me kicking Cowboy out of our lives. Plus, he really is a good man. If he'd just settle down some, he'd be a catch and he'll be a wonderful daddy one day. My problem you see, is he is the most charming, smooth talking cowboy I've ever met. He can melt your heart in less than 10 minutes, no matter how mad you are. Stupid, silver tongued, dimpled Cowboy! You cannot hold a grudge against him it's just not possible!

So tonight my family has driven to a neighboring town to visit Cowboy before he moves back to Arizona. I am so sad that I could not go with them. After all the shenanigans he's talked DH into pulling, I still love him! We all miss him terribly when he's far away! The kids are so sad, they love him so (he can charm kids as well). He's a good old boy, my children's godfather, and my husband's dearest friend. I'm not sure what that makes him to me, but I know he loves us all and would be there for any of us in a heart beat should we need him. We'll miss you Cowboy!


Kristin said...

My husband has one of those friends...funny thing, he lives in Arizona, too! I know my husband is close to him but honestly, I'm glad we live far, far away! lol