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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here for the Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I cannot believe I didn't find this until today! 5 Minutes for Mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party 2009! I love blog parties! You always find so many new blogs that become must reads and meet so many great new folks! I am going to visit as many of them as I can. The house will run itself while I spend a week attached to my computer, right?
There are awesome prizes as well. My top three favorites are:

*A Blog Makeover by Southern Girl Blog Design. (INTL 33) I've been searching for a blog design I could afford for weeks and found her site. She is one talented lady!

*A blog design by Sassy Chic. (INTL 28) She does great work too!

* A blog design by Sara's Pixel Studio. (INTL 36) I wish I could do the amazing things she does!

I also would be completely thrilled to win INTL 23, INTL 35, USC 16, USC 26, USC 63, or well winning anything would be fantastic!

So, click on over and check out the UBP! You will find cool blogs, meet new people, and maybe win something awesome!


organicsyes said...

Whoo hooo! Hope you win something grand:) Enjoy the party!

Carrie said...

i love that you use song titles for post titles. once upon a time i had an open diary (does that site even still exist) where i did the same thing

L Harris said...

i'm here for your party too!

Alexandra said...

Just stopping by with the Party Train!! Love finding all those new Blogs.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog! How funny that all of your blog titles are songs. It would be interesting to try that - but I don't dare limit myself! ha! This party has been a lot of fun!
Come visit me again!

Jen said...

Stopping over from the UBP! TX is my home so I would definitely waltz across it!

Shell said...

What a great blog! The post titles are fun! Can't wait to keep reading more!

(stoppin' by from the UBP to show ya some love!!)

Cassie said...

Glad to meet you! Hope you're having fun partying this week!

LifeTeamBuilders said...

This UBP is so much fun! Hope you're havin' a blast like I am! Thanks for adding your site.
Great stuff here! You play guitar? I do too!

The Spears Family said...

Ok! I think I could get addicted to your blog! Probably b/c we're the same age and grew up to the same songs and thus I have spent the last 10 minutes singing some awesome "old" songs in my head! I really love this...seriously every post title is a song title?