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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song

Gruene Hall,
the oldest dance hall in Texas.
Photo by Lodigs.

I want to take you back 14 years. Fourteen years ago, I was a cutie! Rockies, Wranglers, boots, belts, if it said country/western, I loved it! And I looked good in my tight jeans and boots. I so wish I could still say that. Anyway, I loved country boys. My idea of a great time was scootin' across a sawdust floor in the arms of a hottie in Wranglers, a hat, and smelling of Stetson cologne. I danced blisters onto my feet more weekends than I can count! I loved it so much! Cowboys were my guy of choice and I seldom ever strayed.

Enter Dan. Dan, who I developed a crush on at age 9. Dan, who played golf of all things! Dan who has my heart and has for years. Did you see those things I listed above? He does wear Wranglers, just not the tight, creased, starched variety. And he does wear Stetson, which makes me oh so happy. But, he does not now and never has, danced.

Our 13th wedding anniversary is next month and in all those years the man has never scooted me across a floor. I've never swayed in his arms to a slow song. There is no fox trotting, jitter bugging, or twisting going on around here. Dan does not dance! It makes me insane!

I love to dance and miss it so much! I heard this song by King George today and was two steppin' with a mop. The song sure brought back some great memories! I don't so much miss the cowboys, just the fun & dancin'! I'm afraid my only dance partners for the rest of my days will be cleaning implements. What a bummer!

Does your significant other not do something you really enjoy? Surely I'm not the only one in this boat?

If you haven't heard this song, go check out my playlist. It's wrongly labeled Troubador for some strange reason!


Anonymous said...

My husband doesn'! Okay, I know, that sounds completely ridiculous! But, really, when we married our dream was to own an old farmhouse and have a hobby farm. Well, we bought one ten years ago...and he found he hates it! Despises it! And I love it! Our compromise is he got a sports car. Yeah, the siding is falling off our 140-year-old fixer-upper as we speak, and he's driving to work in his pristine sportsmobile. (He at least got it dirt cheap...) It's funny...though the years my husband and I grow, we change, but we don't grow apart. :-)