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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Luckenbach, Texas

Guess where we are planning to go for our anniversary this weekend? I cannot wait! I've only been once as a child, and I a convinced it will be much more fun as an adult! Dan has never been so this will be a first for him. I still dream of renewing our vows at country am I? LOL. Anyway, I am really lucky forward to doing something fun for our 13th.

This song is so good and is so true of how most people live these days. Dan and I want so badly to slow down and live a simple kind of life. Take things easy, enjoy our family and each other, not be so materialistic. We are slowly but surely getting there. To me the song talks of getting back to what we really need, love and each other.

Plus, the four men singing it in this video are phenomenal! Does it get much better than these country music legends? I find all of their voices incredibly comforting. On my worst day, any one or all of them can bring me back to a good mood. Oh, and the Hag, he can do it to. I find them incredibly soothing. So, if you enjoy great country music, be sure to check out the video of Waylon, Willie, Kristofferson, and Cash. They were amazing together!


joanofalltrades said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lynette said...

when are you going????? are you going to make hair coloring party?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting, I wish you both a great anniversary and many more happy ones to come!