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Monday, April 20, 2009

Forever & Ever Amen

We had a wild weekend! We took a trip up to Lubbock to visit the in laws. The whole family met up at Garcia's Mexican restaurant for a family dinner. Dan and I split beef fajitas; they were yummy. But, suddenly while chewing a piece of steak, the steak sorta fell down my throat without too much chewing. And the craziness ensued!

I couldn't cough it up, believe me I tried. Apparently coughing requires inhaling, which was not possible. So, I stood up, wrapped my hands around my throat, and preceded to give crazy desperate looks to those around me. Dan says I hit him repeatedly in the arm, but I don't remember this. He didn't know the Heimlich maneuver so he started beating my on the back. Not the thing to do, but it was all he knew to do. I didn't feel it at all and during the whole ordeal I didn't look over at him. I'm not sure why. I do remember thinking that I didn't want the other half of the table to see me, as that is where my kiddos were at. I worried about scaring them. At some point my wonderful sister in law Abby yelled out something about me turning blue. This came about the time I had decided that this was the end. I was blacking out and heading towards the floor when my other wonderful sister in law Tammy pushed Dan off me, wrapped her arms around me, and Heimliched me. She did it twice and that beef flew out of my windpipe. My sisters in law rock!

Folks, I 'll tell you I have never been so freaked out in my life! I am told that he whole incident lasted about a minute, but from where I was out it seemed like hours. I kept thinking that my kids were going to sit there and watch me die in front of them. Panic is not the word. Neither is fear, they just don't seem adequate to cover the range of thoughts and emotions going through my brain.

The next morning I felt terrible. I have a wicked bruise between my shoulder blades where my loving husband desperately tried to save me. He told me he was very afraid that he was going to lose me. The only good thing that came of it is he is being so much more affectionate and considerate than normal. I hope that behavior sticks around :-) He sang me to sleep Friday night to the tune of Forever & Ever Amen. I am a truly blessed gal!

So, now I am going to make the whole family take a CPR/first aid class. I am certified in CPR/first aid, but when it's happening to you, it is very hard to remember what to do. I think that the Heimlich at minimum is something everyone should know.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How scary this must have been for everyone involved. Glad to hear you're OK.